Toronto Zenith – How Ontario Can Manage its Massive Infrastructure Deficit


Ontario has been wrestling with an enormous infrastructure deficit for quite a while. In 2016, Ontario’s municipal related infrastructure deficit (for engineering services) was estimated at $60 billion. While current...

BY local ON December 26, 2019

Toronto Zenith – Ontario’s Economic Outlook & the Impact on the Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Even in a time rife with economic uncertainty, with a deficit in Ontario, there is still plenty of room for growth within the construction industry. The greater Toronto area, in...

BY local ON December 26, 2019

Toronto Zenith – The Role of Technology in Construction in 2020 and Beyond

Construction Technology

Technological innovations have always driven the growth of the construction industry. From the invention of the hammer and the shovel to the nail gun and the hydraulic excavator, as technology...

BY local ON December 26, 2019

Toronto Zenith – Toronto Construction Market Growth Snapshot

Construction Industry

Ontario, led by the Greater Toronto Area, has been one of the biggest construction markets in Canada for the better part of a decade. That shows no signs of changing....

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